About Us

Carbon started in Chicago in 2007 in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Chicago is known for pizza and hotdogs, but before we are done Chicago will also be known for Carbon's tacos and burritos! We opened our second location in Chicago in the West Town area and have been serving the best burritos and tacos there since 2011.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide our customers with delicious healthy Mexican food at a competitive price. At Carbon we pride ourselves on serving High Quality Mexican food for the most refined palate that also has High Value for the strictest of budgets. Carbon believes in serving Mexican food that sets the standard for quality and flavor.

Our Food

At Carbon we use a more tender steak than other Mexican restaurants. Since the steak is more tender and carries a better flavor, we do not need to chop it up in little pieces. When you bite into our steak burrito you will get a mouthful of large chunks of tender flavorful steak. You will never eat anything called refried here. We use nothing but natural (not canned!) black beans and real brown rice. Our tortillas are cooked using only olive oil and if you are looking for something even healthier you can choose to receive your taco or burrito on a whole wheat tortilla. We will not put lettuce and tomato on unless you ask us and if you do you will be pleasantly surprised to be eating crisp romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Our vegetable tacos are made with red bell peppers, tomatoes, and red onions roasted right in front of you. We also include a very high quality Portabella mushroom in our vegetable blend. Your Mom would be proud that you eat at Carbon Live Fire Mexican Grill.

Whether you are looking to get a catering order for your next meeting, a delivery for your late lunch, a pick up order for the ride home or you want to sit down and watch the game with a margarita at our 26th St location, Carbon will exceed your dining expectations!